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USDA Organic Raw Argan Oil

Native to Morocco, the argan tree is one of nature’s most beneficial plants. Its fruit gives the rich, amber-tinted argan oil, which has taken the beauty world by storm.

USDA Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Used for thousands of years across Asia for its exceptional properties, matcha has only recently gained popularity in the western world.


100% USDA Certified
Organic Products

At LeafySide, we have a strict and tedious process when it comes to our inventory. With all types of certifications and new ones coming out daily, it’s hard to pick a product standardized for safety and quality you can put money behind. LeafySide stocks only USDA certified organic products to ensure the purest quality possible and utilizes sources that guarantee the highest quality possible.

Unsurpassed Organic Quality

Our small inventory is a testament to our search for the greatest quality of a certain product available on the market. One of our most utilized and top method of product approval? Our families at LeafySide. If our family members don’t like our products, or can find a better quality of it, what makes yours any different? If we can’t put a money back guarantee on a certain product, we simply don’t carry it!

100% Money Back Guarantee

Money back guarantee, but return the bottle?… We don’t play with our customers wallets, nor with quality. If your not absolutely in love with your product, be confident with the knowledge that every order comes with our 30 day money back guarantee. No gimmicks, no partial refunds, no sending back half empty products.


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