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If you stroll through the beauty and cosmetics aisle of any store, you’ll see argan oil listed as a key ingredient in dozens, if not hundreds, of products. Thousands of clinical trials have put the benefits of argan oil on center stage.

Is argan oil good for hair? What can you use argan oil for?

Where is argan oil from?

Argan oil, which comes from a small fruit native to Morocco, is known as “liquid gold” because of its many beneficial properties for health and beauty.

The oil is a go-to beauty item to have on hand for healthy hair, skin, and much more. So what are all of the uses and benefits of argan oil?

Keep reading to find out.

1. Packed With Nutrients: Argan oil is a rich source of vitamin E, vitamin A, fatty acids, and anti-oxidants. That’s where all of the oil’s diverse benefits come from.

2. Everyday Facial Moisturizer: One or two drops of argan oil applied each day will keep your face moisturized without leaving your skin feeling oily.

3. Hydrating Toner: Argan oil benefits for face? You bet.  As a toner, argan oil can help to give your face an even glow while hydrating your skin. Simply add a couple of drops to your daily toner, moisturizer, or liquid foundation.

4. Get Rid of Facial Oil: Regularly applying pure argan oil for skin treatment reduces the oiliness or greasiness of skin by reducing sebum levels, according to a 2007 study.

5. Reduce Acne: Argan oil for skin care can help to fight acne by reducing skin’s oiliness, as shown in the study above.

6. Improve Elasticity In Aging Skin: A 2015 study found that argan oil, both when taken as a dietary supplement and when applied directly to the skin, increases skin elasticity in women who have gone through menopause.

7. Heal Bug Bites: Applying argan oil to bug bites can reduce their redness and swelling and help them to heal more quickly.

8. Reduce The Appearance of Scars: Argan oil is a great natural source of vitamin E and triterpenoids, both of which provide healing and anti-inflammatory benefits. When applied regularly, argan oil can help to minimize the appearance of scars over time.

9. Protect Your Skin: Argan oil provides a protective layer against UV damage and environmental pollutants.

10. Soothe Your Sunburn: Argan oil can help to heal sunburn by rehydrating skin. It will provide immediate relief and help to heal your burn more quickly.

11. Treat Burns: According to a 2016 study, argan oil can help to heal second-degree burns more quickly.

12. Remove Makeup: Argan oil can gently remove makeup and won’t be dangerous if it comes into contact with your eyes.

13. Fight Wrinkles: Argan oil’s antioxidants and fatty acids can reduce the depth and appearance of wrinkles while protecting your skin from further aging.

14. Reduce Age Spots: Is argan oil good for wrinkles? You guessed it. Argan oil boosts your skin’s ability to build new skin cells, which can help to fade age spots and fade wrinkles.

15. Get Rid of Warts: Applying argan oil daily can help your skin to get rid of warts more quickly.

16. Argan Oil for Stretch Marks: If you are pregnant, applying argan oil regularly can keep your skin hydrated and help to prevent stretch marks.

17.Natural Anti-Inflammatory Treatment: Argan oil contain high concentrations of flavanoids, a kind of antioxidant that has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. The oil is makes for a great product to have on-hand to treat all kinds of inflammation.

18. Treat Joint Pain: If you have a sore joint after a long run or other exercise, you can massage a couple drops of argan oil into the area to get relief from pain and bring down the inflammation.

19. Reduce Arthritis Symptoms, Naturally: If you suffer from arthritis, you can take argan oil either as a dietary supplement or as a topical treatment to reduce swelling and pain in your joints.

20. Deeply Condition Hair: Use argan oil in place of your normal conditioner while in the shower to end up with moisturized, soft hair.

21. Natural Leave-In Conditioner: For extra conditioning, use organic argan oil as a leave-in conditioner. The oil will absorb into your hair to leave it soft and shiny, but not greasy.

22. Heat Protection Damage: If you use a lot of heat on your hair, work in a couple of drops of argan oil before blow drying or straightening to keep your hair moisturized and protect it from damage.

23. End Of Split Ends: If you struggle with split ends, argan oil will help to strengthen and moisturize your hair, preventing more breaks.

24. No More Frizz! If you have frizzy hair, you can use a couple of drops of argan oil as a styling product to smooth down frizz.

25. Achieve a Golden Glow Shiny Look: The fatty acids in argan oil add shine and definition to hair without making it greasy. A small dab when you’re doing styling will create a sleek look.

26. Keep Hair Growing Thick and Strong: Is argan oil good for hair growth? Argan oil strengthens the hair shaft, and its vitamin E promotes growth. Applying the oil regularly can promote growth while keeping your hair healthy from roots to tips.

27. Promote a Healthy Scalp: Use argan oil for dry scalp.  If you have scalp problems such as dandruff or psoriasis, massaging a few drops of argan oil into your skin while in the shower will help to heal your scalp.

28. Improve Your Henna Treatment: If you use henna to treat your hair, adding 1 tsp of argan oil can moisturize and add shine to your hair while you color it.

29. Create Strong, Healthy nails: Argan oil benefits for nails are primarily responsible by the natural vitamin E in argan oil which strengthens  nails for a beautiful, natural look.

30. Promote Nail Growth: Argan oil can help your nails to grow more quickly, without becoming brittle or breaking.

31. Keep Cuticles Healthy: Argan oil moisturizers nail cuticles, just as it moisturizes skin, keeping them smooth and healthy and preventing peeling.

32. Reduce Likelihood of Nail Infections: Argan oil helps to keep your nail beds healthy, reducing the chances of skin problems such as fungal infections.

33. Treat Eczema: Applying argan oil can reduce dryness, redness, flakiness, and itchiness from eczema.

34. Soothe Chickenpox Symptoms: If you or your children have the chickenpox, argan oil can help to heal the spots more quickly and reduce itchiness in the meanwhile.

35. Minimize Razor Burn: For both men and women, applying a couple of drops of argan oil after shaving can soothe sensitive skin and reduce the appearance of razor bumps.

36. Keep Beards Soft and Shiny: Coming a couple of drops of argan oil through your beard can add a touch of shine and softness without making it greasy.

37. Condition Lips: If you have dry lips, particularly in the winter, rub in a drop of argan oil to heal cracks and keep lips feeling soft and moisturized.

38. Treat Cracked Heels: Pure argan oil is an intensive moisturizer. If you have dry, cracked feet, rub a couple of drops into the dry area, put on a pair of clean socks, and let the oil soak in overnight.

39. Promote Cardiovascular Health: A number of studies have shown that using pure argan oil as a supplement can reduce your risk of many kinds of cardiovascular disease.

40. Lowers Cholesterol: Consuming argan oil lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol levels, as shown by this 2004 study.

41. Block Cholesterol Absorption: Argan oil contains rare plant sterols called schottenol and spinasterol. These act to block bad cholesterol from being absorbed into the intestines.

42. Improve Circulation: Taking argan oil as a supplement improves circulation, which can improve heart health and reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

43. Help to Prevent Cancer: Argan oil contains a unique set of ingredients, including vitamer – tocopherol, squalene, and oleic acid, which all play a helpful role as general cancer preventatives.

44. Prevent Prostate Cancer: If you are at risk of prostate cancer, argan oil has an antiproliferative effect on prostate cancer cells, meaning that it helps to prevent these cells from reproducing and growing. It may be helpful to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

45. Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer: Argan oil contains oleic acid and squalene, both of which may help to prevent breast cancer cells from multiplying.

46. Keep Skin Cancer at Bay: The antioxidants in argan oil protect skin from free radical damage. Over time, this reduces the risk of skin cancer.

47. Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels: Studies have shown that argan oil can reduce insulin resistance, a key step for people who have or are at risk for diabetes.

48. Revamp Your Immune System: Because of its powerful antioxidant properties, argan oil can help to boost your immune system. This helps your body to fight off illness and stay healthy.

49. Improve Digestion: Argan oil helps your stomach to produce more pepsin, a key enzyme that enables your digestive system to break down the proteins in meat, eggs, dairy, and seeds.

50. Help People Around the World: Using argan oil isn’t just beneficial to you; it helps others around the world. Pure argan oil that has a UCGA Fair Trade Seal is produced by cooperatives of Berber women in Morocco, and the money they earn also benefits their families and communities. When you purchase fair trade argan oil, you can feel good in multiple ways.


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